Two Tone Veils

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Black on Ivory Mantilla - Large

This lovely Black on Ivory mesh One Piece Spanish style mantilla made from light weight floral lace with scalloped edges, gently frames the face. It is a traditional triangle shape Catholic church vei

Steel Blue Mantilla- Rose

Steel Blue Rose mantilla
£29.76 £17.85

Teal Green Infinity Veil

Beautiful Handmade Teal Green Infinity veil. Perfect size from pre-teens to adults. Measures: 45in. x 20in sewn in circle with invisible seam and reversible lace edges. Available in many colors!! It
£35.71 £23.80

Brown/green Infinity Veil

Brown/green Infinity Veil
£29.76 £23.80

*OUT OF STOCK * Red/black Infinity Veil

No Stock
Red/Black Infinity Veil
£35.71 £23.80

Purple / Plum Veil - Small

Purple / Plum Veil – Small
£17.85 £8.92

Purple/Plum Veil - Large

Purple/Plum Veil – Large
£29.76 £17.85

Teal Veil - Small

Teal Veil – Small

Teal Veil - Large

Teal Veil – Large

Royal Blue Veil - Large

Royal Blue Veil – Large

Brown with Black Trim veil- Med

Brown with Black trim veil – Med