Silver Veils

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Rose Mantillas - Medium (7 colors available)

This lovely Black Rose Mantilla in size medium made from light weight floral lace that gently frames the face. It is a traditional triangle shape Catholic church veil that falls just below the shoulde
¥5,101.02 ¥3,060.20

Taupe Mantilla

Beautiful Taupe Spanish style Mantilla. Measures : 48in x 22in It is light weight. The lace is floral and all one piece.

Silver Venice Veil- Large

Silver Venice Veil- Large
¥5,101.02 ¥3,060.20

Silver Venice veil- Medium

Silver Venice Veil- Med
¥4,080.61 ¥2,039.80

Silver Venice Veil - Small

Silver Venice Veil- Small
¥3,059.18 ¥1,529.59

Silver Infinity Veil

Silver Infinity Veil
¥5,101.02 ¥3,060.20

*OUT of Stock *Grey Mantilla - Large

No Stock
Grey Silver Mantilla – Large
¥7,141.84 ¥4,080.61

Silver on Black Princess Mantilla

This is a Silver on Black Princess Spanish style Mantilla measuring 27in x 17in.
¥5,101.02 ¥3,060.20

Silver on Black Spanish style mantilla

Silver on Black Mantilla
¥10,203.06 ¥3,060.20